Activity Monitoring

Need for monitoring of Employee activities

Many employees in the organization waste the working hours in unproductive activities like opening of personal emails, online chatting and watching movies on internet. The unproductive activities of employees during working hours severely upset the daily performance of the company. Therefore, every company needs an efficient monitoring tool that can keep the information about all employee activities on their desktops.

Employee activity monitoring utility - An introduction

Employee activity monitoring software is designed to keep record of all unofficial activities of the each employee of the organization. This utility monitors and records the desktop activities of all users in the network. With this software, company can effectively monitor and check the unauthorized activities of its employees.

Benefits of Activity Monitoring Software:

The employee activity monitoring software has following advantages:

  • Stops the unproductive activities of the employees
  • Make employees of an organization more disciplined and committed towards work
  • Helps the organization in meeting its monthly and annual targets
  • Assists the company management to frame rules for such employees who leave the desktop before the office hours
  • Provides details of offline as well as online desktop activities of each employee during the office working hours
Importance of Employee PC activity viewer software

Monitoring activities of each employee during office hours in a medium or large organizations is very tedious job. It is extremely difficult for the IT administrators of large organizations to monitor every desktop activity of individual employee. The remote employee desktop monitoring software can be installed on the main computer of a network or main server to monitor the all or specific employee desktops on network. It is fully equipped internet monitoring software that allows you to monitor the activities of employees on different projects.

With Internet monitoring software you can have a clear view of LIVE activities happening on the selected or all employee desktops. The software also can be also used from a remote server to keep a proper track of all the actions that users make on your office workstations like e-mails, internet or even chatting in order to prevent employee crime. Using this tool, you shall be able to monitor multiple computers simultaneously either live or through offline recordings which can be viewed later. Furthermore, you can also install the desktop viewer software on target computers from a remote location, in case the software to work in invisible mode.

The desktop viewer software performs all administrative tasks remotely on target computers that are being monitored such as shutting down, re-booting, locking or logging off of the computer system, and even start the screensaver and remove the wallpaper.

Download Trial Version:

You can download the trial version of Employee Monitoring software. Available at free of cost, this trial version is effective as the original one, but as a user you can experience its features for just first 7 days and can monitor only one PC connected to Network. Moreover, with trial version you can have preview of live desktop activities of the registered computer record them and create AVI movie of 5 minutes. In order to monitor large number of system users on a network, you have to purchase the full version of this Internet Monitoring Software.

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Software Key features
  • Assists the system administrator to keep the records of all users activities on the network during specific period
  • Monitors the all unproductive activities of employees during the office hours
  • Very effective in performing remote functions such as install agent, uninstall agent, send instant messages, send monitoring notifications
  • Maintains a log report of each employee desktop of the organization. The saved log files can be accessed by the system administrator from the main server.
  • Monitors computers having dual monitors attached to them
  • Records the user activities and save it in AVI file format
  • Offers the facility to schedule offline recordings and save them for future use
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Supported Versions

Works effectively with every Operating System: Windows Windows 10, 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95 and Windows Server 2012/2008 R2/2008/2003 R2/2003